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Booking transportation
Here is the contact information for airport transportation arrangements: Phone: +52 415 101 9717





Do we need to rent a car?

You will need to obtain transportation from the airport to San Miguel de Allende (SMA). We will have chartered transportation available for use, with details to come. Once in SMA, the town is easily navigable, with the majority of the town center being walkable. If the distance seems far or your shoes aren't built for long walks on cobble roads, Ubers and taxis are readily available.

What type of weather should I expect?

San Miguel de Allende is typically quite warm in June, with the average temperature being in the mid 80's, with lows in the mid 50's. The mid-summer months are the beginning of the rainy season, with an average of 30% chance of rain. Pack a light coat and comfortable shoes, just in case!

Where will the bride and groom stay?

The Gonzalez and Perez family will be staying at Hacienda La Romita from 6/13 - 6/16. If you have any questions or want to hang out, please stop by at any time. NOTE: Hacienda La Romita is about 15 minutes out of town. We highly recommend you stay in town, as you will have access to all the entertainment and sight-seeing there!

When should I book my flight and accommodations?

We recommend you book your flights and accommodations ASAP! For more details on flights and hotels/airbnbs, visit this google doc.

Do I need a passport?

YES. If you already have one, double check the expiration date :)